Saturday, June 23, 2012

           Sometimes, I feel as if I am truly an oddball. Partly because I am, partly because, half the things that run through my head probably don't run through other people's heads. I start writing these blogs and don't even really think about them, they are never constructed properly, and sometimes they have no point. However, I write them down to get these things out of my head so new, more amazing ideas can come to mind in the old ideas place.
           Anyways, whatever, here was one of my amazing ideas. I was talking to the boyfriend, and keeping him awake with my goofy shit(as usual), and decided to have theme days. Like days where we could dress up at least one day of every month (Halloween-ish stuff) Or have to have a certain accent ALL DAY LONG. Ok, so Janurary 15th would be national 60's/70's day. We would of course dress up as hippies. It's not optional, everyone MUST participate, ok. Feburary 15th would be Rockin' that Afro Day, mandatory afros for all, even your baby. March 15th would be Native American Culture Day, where you all will dress up in authentic American Indian clothing, like a pocahontas style dress, headress included. April 15th is Vato Day, and you have to talk like the dude on Next Friday who was like "No more locked doors, holmes". May 15th is Valley Girl day, "Like, duh", gum chewing is completely nessecary. June 15th is Zombie/Monster Day. You. Must. Dress. Scary-as-fuck.
           You liking the way this is goin'? Well we're only halfway done, guys. July 15th, is English Settler Day, complete with your English accent, and the freaking awesome clothes they wore back then. Like So

I'm totally serious
August 15th will be Loony Day. Seriously. Go nuts, forget to brush your hair, wear mismatched shoes, act like you've lost it (Not too much of a stretch for some). September 15th is going to be Old School Gangster Day. Bugsy Segal type shit. Italian and NY accents for all. It will even be legal to counterfiet money on that day. October 15th is gonna be Rennasiance Day. Dress like a Fairy, A queen, A joker, any of the guys you'd see at a Rennasiance Fair, and be all like "My Lady, My Lord". For Halloween, just do whatever the fuck you want. In November, we're gonna have "Make Fun of Hitler" day. Just make Hitler the butt of your jokes all day long, because he sucks.
             And Finally, MY FAVORITE day will be December 15th, and since I am not greedy about who gets to go first and bull like that, my month will be last in the year. This is redneck day, and you LOVE IT. This is gonna be sterotypical, Clampett Style, black out some teeth and talk like a full blown HICK day! Woo HOO! We can totally do this if anyone wants to play this game with me! The Hunny said he isn't going to participate, but after he sees how much fun WE ALL are having, maybe he will be swayed. Who's down?


  1. I am in! The kids and I dress up as super heroes and pirates and I'm-ready-for-my-tea-Jeeves type of outfits fairly often. Knowing others are dressing up across the country will make me feel more secure in my insanity.

  2. YES!! We are gonna have so much FUN!