Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves. Where do I start? 

  Well I have a few. Those little things that make you want to just Stab somebody. (Oh, before I forget, I always say I'm gonna Stab someone, but I'd never actually do it, it's my *anger* word) Anyways.. It didn't take me long to figure out what my pet peeves are, so I could blog about them. I'm a generally kind person, outwardly. Inside, I'm like "WTF, ARE YOU STUPID?!" The following are ways to get my inside feelings towards you to grow ugly.

    First off, if you open it, shut it. If you mess it up, clean it up, and all that jive! Ughhh! Don't be a SLOB! You have no idea how incredibly annoying it is to clean the kitchen/bathroom/living room (or what-have-you) only to find it in shambles as soon as you turn your back. Or maybe you do, if you're a parent. Just don't expect me to want you around if you can't do these things. 

                                                 Are you fucking kidding me? Shut that shit!

    Another thing that drives me bat-shit insane(although you can't really say anything) is toilet paper replacement/positioning. Yes I said it! Positioning!

This shit!

                                                              This is WRONG people!

Oh, why, sweet Jesus, do people think this is okay? The toilet paper should be replaced when you use the rest of the roll, and it goes over the effin top! For one, nobody wants to be on the shitter and have to pull all of the scrap pieces off of the cardboard just to wipe (Why, yes, I have wiped with the cardboard itself... But that's another blog) And it's just not meant to come from underneath the roll, I dunno why, ask Jesus! If I am at your house, and your roll is on wrong, I will stab you fix that shit! You will come into your happy potty place, sit down, sprinkle some water/grow a turd tail, and reach for the T.P. only to find that...BAM That shit's on correctly! You're-veryfucking-welcome! 

       On a more serious note: Mothers: Stop fucking bashing each other! Jeez! We all have our own damn way of doing things, and unless someone asks for help, your input is not fucking needed, or appreciated! In fact, that shit is frowned on. I don't care if you are a mom of one or the frikin octo-mom, bitch, you aint my mom, so keep it to yourself! Except for you, Momma, I love you~your opinion is always welcomed!

Keepin it real, for my momma!  

I see way too much of that shit, as a mom, myself, and on these "mommy pages". Ladies, I agree with freedom of speech and whatnot, but bashing is totally-fucking-bullshit! There's a fine line in stating your opinion and being an unclassy assed bitch. Just sayin'. 

          I'm sure I could come up with a shit-ton more pet peeves, but for now, that is all. I'm just bein me~ Stay tuned.


  1. really, the great TP debate will never be settled. My wife and I disagree on the orientation of the roll also. :)