Thursday, June 7, 2012

A few of my poems


What I want for you, my dear.

This is what I want for my children & my lil sisters, in no particular order.

I hope the sun always shines for you, or that you can learn to love the rain.
I hope when you first fall in love, that it doesn't end with you in pain.
I hope you don't need material possessions, to make you feel alive.
I hope you are always curious, and always keep a powerful drive.
I hope you encounter life's little pleasures, without substance abuse.
I hope that when you're faced with tough decisions, you ask the Lord what to choose.
I hope nobody ever hurts your feelings, or makes you feel unloved.
I hope you always are blessed and remember to thank the Man Above.
I hope you can take every opportunity to better your own life.
I hope you learned how to be a wonderful husband or a loving wife.
I hope you know you mean the world to me, and I'm so proud of you all.
I hope you're never afraid to ask for my help, I'll be there if you call.



Tragically, I feel that I am suffocating within,
Chronicly, I'm anticipating another could've been.
Sadly, I cannot recall a method to my madness,
Unfortunately, I'm overcome with a certain sadness.
Ultimately, I will collapse, in bitter exauhsting tears,
Resulting in another night dominated by my fears.
Tomorrow, I will pretend that I am okay, again,
Until the next dark and quiet night sets in.
For now, I shall fake a couple hours of rest,
Knowing that I'm losing this unrelenting test.


I will never understand how you could casually cause such pain.
You always made me feel like a stranded fool, lost in the rain.
You never took into consideration that you were all I had.
You thrived, each day, just to make me feel bad.
Blindly I stayed in the hell that you made for me.
If there was another option, it was one I could not see.
I held on to something you were tearing apart.
I was a like a game to you, trying to break my heart.
Together we were flames fueled by gasoline,
I never understood how one could be so mean.
Even after I broke away from your clever disguise,
Again you felt the need to hurt me with your lies.
I know I'll never understand people like you,
Or what makes you want to hurt people the way you do.
I'm trying to forgive you so that I can move on,
But it isn't easy when my fear of you, still, isn't gone.

wide awake

Tonight I'm wide awake, and so is she,
But the thing that makes it ok's the way she looks at me.
My little angel, such a gift from the Lord above,
I never knew my heart could contain such love.
I hope I can show how much I really adore you,
As the love in your eyes shows you trust me to do.
You give me a reason each day to go on,
And keep this weathered heart of mine, strong.
So forgive me throughout your life if I stop and just stare,
For you're one of the few things that makes life seem fair.
I couldn't have asked for more from anyone,
Than this angel to show me my life's now begun.
In all of my days and every single long night,
Finally I know that I've done somethings right.

To: each one of my children 

Mr. Fix-it!

He's always had such a gorgeous smile,
And, now I see the same one when I look at our child.
He knows just what to say to make my heart Light up,
And a hug from him can make me perk right up.
Nothing ever stays broken with that man around,
He's the most hardworking man that I've ever found.
He tells me I'm beautiful & we never fight,
I thank God for him each day and each night.
I look into his eyes and I know I've been blessed,
I'm finally in love, who would've guessed?
Only he can catch me when my world falls apart,
I love you, Josh, with all of my heart!

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