Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Blog About Nothing

           Hey, World. Today I have absolutely nothing relevant to say. This is because I don't know what is going on inside my head. See, I haven't been getting much sleep, lately. I'm supposed to feel like sleeping after working out periodically through the day, right? Not this Pintu. You see, I've battled insomnia throughout my entire life. Well, at least since my teen years. I can't turn my thoughts/worries/fears off when the whole world is quiet. Quiet fuels my insanity.
           This is how my night plays out:1) Get kids to bed at a fairly decent hour, about 8:30/9:00.2) Wind down, and do the things you can't do when you have a baby attached to your boob (Like Laundry).3) Snack on foods that I totally DO NOT need, but I am just bored.4) Come into bedroom, turn on computer and look for hilarious pictures/think of hilarious shit to say on my Ecards- or else say something I have been thinking in real life, on an Ecard, so that I don't end up saying rude shits to real life friends/family/enemies. Step 4 takes a fuckin' minute so be patient. 5) Lay here. And think. About. Every. Fucking. Thing. Attempt to say my prayers, but I even get off topic in my prayers, so I end up saying "Oh Lord, I'm sorry I ended up talking about leggings when I was trying to pray." I say that at least twice a night, you know. And repeat steps 4 and 5 simultaneously until about 3 or 4am.
I HAVE tried everything.
Can't count the sumbitches when they wont sit still!
Fuckin' sheep. Yes, I've tried counting sheep. I always end up imagining myself hunting wolves, that are making my sheep run so fast that I can't count them. Then I'm in a Zombie Apocolypse, of course. The wolves turn into Zombies-"Omg Dierks Bentley, where did you come from? Hell yes, I will help you fight the zombies!" Yes, That's how my mind works!
        So, now that I've spent 30 minutes making my Dierks Bentley "Zombie fighter" picture, I've forgotten what the point was. Sleep.. or lack thereof. I'm completely dysfunctional today. I think I should probably take a nap. No, I'm going to work out. Yes. Must. Prepare. For. Zombie. Apocolypse. I work out, I work out... Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah. The time has come, muahahahaha!

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