Monday, June 18, 2012

Boredom leads to...

         Okay, boy's and girl's. I have gone absolutely Mental. We got this amazing TV with freaking internet and 3D shit's and whatnot and no cable yet. So we were trying NETFLIX, which for some reason wasn't working on the TV. Then I found this super awesome thingie on my laptop called Zulu. I can literally watch any episode of any show (just about) on my freaking computer! Wahoo, right?
          Well what's even more amazing is that my TV has an app for it, so this morning, when I found out it would work I was super pumped. I wanted to watch "My Name is Earl", because I love that show, and it played, sort of. :( The bf comes to the rescue, to help me get it to work, and ... LOW & BEHOLD guess what shows work almost perfectly? "American Dad" and "Family Guy" his two favorites! Yay for him, right? Ugh. We have watched literally 15 episodes a piece.
           I want something different to work on my insanely amazing TV, or else I am going to lose my pretty little mind
:) ....

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