Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Few More Poems

Here's a few more of my poems. Yes, I wrote them all.




I still love the way you smile at me,
And you never make me feel like you want to be free.
I am blessed to have you on my side,
Making my life less of a bumpy ride.
You can count on me to always be here,
And for my love to grow daily, year after year.
You make me see that I can conquer all things,
And I honestly feel like my heart has grown wings.
What I have for you is more than just 'love',
And life without you would just be so rough.
I love you, my dear, with all that I am,
And I will be yours, forever, I plan.

Recipe For Disaster

Take a little piece of your soul,
Cover it in fear.
Wrap it up in garnished weaknesses,
Add a little tear.
Take away the faith and hope,
Bleach out all the love.
Let it rise on the inability to cope,
Remove all sight of above.
Keep it in the cold and darkness,
Manifest some dread.
Fold the anguish into a new harness,
Voila, disaster is bred!

Crowded Streets

We're all building bridges with landmines now,
Curiosity gets us all shot.
We cover for the weaklings who never learned how,
Animosity was all that we got.
We can't teach our children to climb higher,
Disaster lays in all of the clouds.
We've sold our dreams to an invisible buyer,
Disease has us all filled with doubts.
Bury the wicked with champange and smiles,
Angels will see us through.
Sell war, hate, and greed to our juvenilles,
Yes, they'll know what to do!

Call it What You Will

Insomnia consumes me now,
When I really need the rest.
Dysfunction gives me comfort now,
The sinners say 'God Bless!'
Reality stays at my back door,
To remind me of my losses.
Strength is what we fight battles for,
Much less for our own causes.
Jealousy and hatred aren't strong enough,
To let you have your fill.
I'm nothing, now, if I'm not tough,
So call it what you will.

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