Friday, July 13, 2012

My Breasts

          This is a controversial topic, but I really don't see why. See, I've got 4 kids and have breastfed ALL of them, some longer than others for different reasons. I am currently breastfeeding a 6 month old, wonderful little girl. When I was pregnant, my MIL told me "You aint gonna make it 6 months breastfeeding!!" Suck it bitch, who's laughing, now. She also said the words "You mean you're gonna be SELFISH and be the only one who gets to feed her?" Selfish, what? Since when is providing my baby with the most natural form of sustinence, SELFISH? What is selfish, to me, is that anyone would want to deprive my baby of what I consider the healthiest, most beneficial form of nurishment around, just so they can tell everyone that they take care of my kid, and I don't. Now in the same breath, I want to state, I do not CARE if you chose to formula feed- whatever, good for you, bro. And I don't JUDGE those who didn't even attempt breastfeeding, because it's your fucking decision and THIS IS MINE. I'm simply saying, butt out of my shit, if you have anything negative to say about me nursing my kid.
         Fast forward to the delivery room. I had 4 people arguing about who was going to be in the room, whilst my vagina turned inside out. None of which were my family, all his. I WAS NOT relaxed, I was annoyed and wanted everyone but my boyfriend GONE. Still, I ended up having MIL and SIL in there, too, with my two BIL's mad because they weren't in there. UGH.
         OK more fast forwarding. (Insert silly FF noise, here) I'm in recovery, and nursing my baby, on demand, LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO. BIL #2 comes in with some girl I don't even know and is like "Ugh, OMG you have to do that, NOW?" Uh, yeah fucker, I do, my kid is hungry and this is how she fucking eats.
         It went on, each time someone would come over, when we got home, and they'd wig out everytime I fed my kid. So I pretty much stayed confined to my room, and then eventually moved out (TY Jesus). So to give some advice, if you are a douchebag, like this, STFU, and don't be so fucking rude! I'm gonna feed my kid when she's hungry and guess what? Her food comes from my BOOB. Get over it or go home. People need to let moms do what they do. People need to stop giving unsolicited advice, IDGAF if you have 20 kids, to my 4. I know what I am doing, and I am doing a DAMN good job. All of my children are amazing, because of how I raised them.


  1. Is it strange that I think it's super creepy that your brothers-in-law wanted to be in the delivery room? Just me?

  2. I know... it was awkward for me, as well!