Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear AT&T,

      Hello, I would just like to tell you that, "fuck you ". How dare ou deceive me into thinking I was getting unlimited long distance for 20bucks a month! You wretched whoremonger! Dare thee actually  charge me seven cents a minute? Dare thee?! Is there no phone service that will cater to my needs? It is a sad day in America, when you lie to me, as a service provider, to gain my trust, only to leave me on hold for well over 10 minutes. How freaking dare you! Stop interrupting my hold music with your stupid speel about how " thank you for your patience" because I really don't have Any and I think we should keep this HONESTY shit going! And if you or your ppl tell me to not text and drive, again, I'm gonna get stabby! Ok? Because I am not only, not coordinated enough to walk and text, but not dumb enough to drive and text! So stop insinuating that I would do such a thing. And by the time you assholes get on the phone, I will have already forgotten what the hell I was calling you about. I'm calling you out, AT&T. Boom bitch.

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