Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's Been a While

                       Sorry to leave everyone hanging...Is anyone still linked in?
    Okay, Lately... Just a lot of shit has been going on. I have been creating more graphics than anything. As you can see if you have me on Facebook. Mom-entarily Mental. I'm into that. It really helps me to let off some of my steam. I'm also busy being a mommy to a very busy toddler. There is nothing better, really. I've been cutting ties with a lot of losers. People that just like to bring me down. You know the sort? Always firing at you when you are at your lowest. Fuck em. If you can't love me at my worst, why the hell do I want you around, anyhow? I have been way too nice for way too long.
   What else? Well I'm dealing with my anxiety (or trying to). My hunny actually thinks that anxiety is something fake. Like I want to not be able to deal? I want to always be afraid that I am going to die? I want to feel like I have forgotten how to breathe. Yeah, that's it. You can't really help someone understand what you are going through, when they just wont. I go to my page to deal with it sometimes. I talk to friends, when they aren't busy. And sometimes, I seclude. Sometimes, I am just tired of feeling like a burden to those I love. I just want to belong in the world, comfortably. Yanno? I am sure a lot of you can relate. Ya ever afraid to go to sleep, because you just feel...unsettled? Well try feeling that way EVERY night. And dealing with it alone, for the most part.
    So, that's the Mental part of me. Enjoy every savory bite.

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